How to Use Outlook Web App Offline

Microsoft allows use of the Outlook Web App (web interface to view your email via a webpage OFFLINE.


  1. To turn Outlook Web App offline access on or off, select one of the following, depending on the options you see:

    • Settings Settings icon > Offline settings .


    • Settings Settings icon > Options > General > Offline Settings

  2. Select or clear the Turn on offline access check box.

  3. Select OK (or Save).

*** This must be completed on EACH computer you would like to access Outlook Web App offline.

*** Please wait a few minutes after enabling this feature before disconnecting from the internet. It needs to download your content to view offline.

*** In each folder that’s available offline, you will see three days of content, or 150 items, whichever is larger.

*** The last few days of messages. Supported folders include Inbox, Drafts, and any folders viewed within the last few days, up to 20 folders. If you’ve viewed more than 20 folders in the last few days, the most recent 18 plus Inbox and Drafts will be available.



The below article Knowledge Base article from Microsoft provides additional details:


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