How to reset your password via the Outlook Web App

Conscious Networks – How to reset your password via the Outlook Web App


***After resetting your password you will need to update any handheld devices or other areas where the password is saved. Most current handheld devices will prompt you to re-key in a password automatically.***


  1. To reset your password, log into the Outlook Web App via Log in using your username and email password
  2. Once logged into the web email application locate the cog on the top right of the screen. Press the cog to access the drop down menu.
  3. Press “Change Password”
  4. The change password window pane will appear
  5. Key in your current password and then a new password 2 times. Press Save.
  6. When saving the new password the web interface will log you out automatically. This will send you back to the screen in step 1. Log back in with your NEW password. 



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